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In my blog, Deb's Search & Rescue Stories, I write about being a volunteer member of the Coconino County, Arizona Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team. I share what it's like to go from a beginner with a lot to learn to an experienced and hopefully proficient member of the team, as well as the missions, trainings and other SAR activities I participate in along the way. Coconino County, with 18,661 square miles, is the nation's second largest county. Our SAR team responds to more than 100 call-outs per year. 

As a Squidoo lensmaster, I'm continually writing articles on all sorts of topics, many of them related to hiking, wilderness rescue and all things outdoors, including Outdoor Adventure Goals, Hiking My Way to a Novel, Great Long-Distance Walks of the World, and Hikers: Common Mistakes to Avoid.

In August, 2009, my husband and I traveled to northern Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for a five-day canoe-camping trip, including eight pristine lakes and six portages. After that part of our trip, we traveled to Voyageurs National Park and canoe-camped some more. We're now planning to return to the Boundary Waters, hopefully next year, for a 200-plus-mile paddle and portage along the historic Voyageurs Route between International Falls to Grand Portage.
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